My research interests are mainly on innovation and creativity in the arts in history, including topics on creative clusters, migration of creative people and transmission of ideas.

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Journal Publications

What makes an artist? The evolution and clustering of creative activity in the US since 1850 [pdf] (Previous title: The Origins of Creativity: The Case of the Arts in the US since 1850), joint with Christian Møller Dahl, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2021, 86

  • Media coverage: VoxEU, Money, Hyperallergic, Artnet News, W, Highsnobiety, Jacobian, Smithsonian, NyViden, Forbes
  • A Leverage-Based Measure of Financial Stability [pdf], joint with Tobias Adrian and Alexander Tepper, Journal of Financial Intermediation, forthcoming

    Did you really take a hit? Understanding how video games playing affects individuals [pdf], joint with Hasan Bakhshi, Research in Economics, 2018, 72: 313-26

  • Media coverage: The Sunday Times, liveMINT, Giga
  • Policy impact: The UK Interactive Entertainment Association, NESTA Cultural Policy
  • Fiscal and Economic Aspects of Book Consumption in the European Union [pdf], joint with Trilce Navarrete, Journal of Cultural Economics, 2018, 42(2): 309-39

  • Media coverage: Livres Hebdo
  • Policy impact (potentially): European Council of the European Union
  • How Are You, My Dearest Mozart? Well-being and Creativity of Three Famous Composers Based on their Letters [pdf], Review of Economics and Statistics, 2017, 99(4): 591-605

  • Media coverage (selected): The Washington Post, National Public Radio, Boston Globe, World Economic Forum,, Pacific Standard, NZ Herald,, Arts Journal, Daily Journal, Cape Cod Times, El Observador, PlayGround Magazine, Toronto Star, Myanmar Times, Klassik, Mail on Sunday
  • Policy impact: United Nations World Happiness Report
  • May I have this Dance? Dance Participation and Attendance in Denmark [pdf], joint with Catarina Marvao, Cultural Trends, 2017, 26(2): 155-67

    Digitization of heritage collections as indicator of innovation [pdf], joint with Trilce Navarrete, Economics of Innovation and New Technology, 2017, 26(3): 227-46

    The Drivers of Long-run CO2 Emissions: A Global Perspective since 1800 [pdf], joint with Sofia Henriques, Energy Policy, 2017, 101: 537-49

    Immigration and the Demand for Life Insurance: Evidence from Canada, 1911 [pdf], joint with Alan de Bromhead, European Review of Economic History, 2016, 20(2): 147-75

    Changes in cultural consumption: Ethnographic collections in Wikipedia [pdf], joint with Trilce Navarrete, Cultural Trends, 2016, 25(4): 233-48

    Historical origins of cultural supply in Italy [pdf], Oxford Economic Papers, 2015, 67(3): 781-805

    In fatal pursuit of immortal fame: Peer competition and early mortality of music composers [pdf], joint with Georgios Kavetsos, Social Science & Medicine, 2015, 134: 30-42

  • Media coverage: The Telegraph, Slate, Pacific Standard, Kurier, GEO Magazine
  • Agglomeration Economies in Classical Music [pdf], Papers in Regional Science, 2015, 94(3): 443-68

  • Lead article. Media coverage: The Washington Post
  • Video Games Playing: A substitute for cultural consumptions? [pdf], joint with Juan Prieto-Rodriguez, Journal of Cultural Economics, 2015, 39(3): 239-58

  • Policy impact: NESTA Cultural Policy
  • Accounting for Breakout in Britain: The Industrial Revolution through a Malthusian Lens [pdf], joint with Alexander Tepper, Journal of Macroeconomics, 2015, 44: 219-233

    Cosmetic earnings management and quarterly reporting: Evidence from European companies [pdf], joint with Vladimir Stojanovic, International Journal of Economics and Accounting, 2015, 6(3): 248-75

    Artistic Creativity and Extreme Events: The Heterogeneous Impact of War on Composers' Production [pdf], Poetics, 2014, 47: 83-105

  • Media coverage: Pacific Standard Magazine
  • Delegation and Motivation [pdf], joint with Lukas Angst, Theory and Decision, 2014, 76: 363-93

    Cultural participation and tourism flows: an empirical investigation of Italian provinces [pdf], joint with Concetta Castiglione, Tourism Economics, 2014, 20(2): 241-62

    Impact of War on Individual Life-cycle Creativity: Tentative Evidence in Relation to Composers [pdf], joint with John O'Hagan, Journal of Cultural Economics, 2013, 37(3): 347-58

    Conflict-induced Migration of Composers: An Individual-level Study [pdf], Cliometrica, 2013, 7(3): 237-66

    Geographic Clustering and Productivity: An Instrumental Variable Approach for Classical Composers [pdf], Journal of Urban Economics, 2013, 73: 94-110

  • ACEI Presidents Best Paper Award (2010) and First Place Award during the European Science Days (2009). Media coverage: The Washington Post, RTE News, Fynske Medier
  • Are Composers Different? Historical Evidence on Conflict-induced Migration (1816-1997) [pdf], European Review of Economic History, 2012, 16(3): 270-91

    Dynamics of a Protected Housing Market: The Case of Switzerland [pdf], Urban Studies, 2012, 49(14): 3188-3203

    Historical Patterns Based on Automatically Extracted Data: the Case of Classical Composers [pdf], joint with John O'Hagan, Historical Social Research (Section 'Cliometrics'), 2012, 37(2): 298-314

    Birth Location, Migration and Clustering of Important Composers: Historical Patterns [pdf], joint with John O'Hagan, Historical Methods: A Journal of Quantitative and Interdisciplinary History, 2010, 43(2): 81-91

    The Determinants of House Prices and Construction: An Empirical Investigation of the Swiss Housing Economy [pdf], International Real Estate Review, 2009, 12(3): 193-220

  • Lead article. Chapters from Summa Cum Laude graded Master Thesis.

  • Books and Chapters

    The Economics of Art and Culture (3rd edition), joint with Charles M. Gray and the late James Heilbrun. New York: Cambridge University Press, forthcoming 2021

    Creativity. In Ruth Towse and Trilce Navarrete (Eds.), Handbook of Cultural Economics. Cheltenham: Elgar, 2020: 145-153

    Arts and Culture, joint with Diana Greenwald. In Claude Diebolt & Mike Haupert (Eds.), Handbook of Cliometrics. Heidelberg: Springer, 2019

    The Cultural Value and Variety of Playing Video Games, joint with Juan Prieto-Rodriguez. In J. Prieto-Rodriguez, V.M. Ateca-Amestoy, V. Ginsburgh, I. Mazza and J. O'Hagan (Eds.), Enhancing Cultural Participation in the EU. Challenges and Methods. Heidelberg: Springer, 2017

    Cultural Heritage in a Changing World [pdf], joint with Neil Forbes and Antonella Fresa (Eds.). Heidelberg: Springer, 2016

    Work In Progress

    Immigrant Artists: Enrichment or Replacement?, joint with Kathryn Graddy (Brandeis University), CEPR Discussion Papers 13070, R&R

    Good Reverberations? Teacher Influence in Music Composition since 1450 (previously: The Transmission of Creativity: Evidence from Western Music, ca. 1450-1920, joint with Daniel P. Gross), resubmitted

    Originality, Influence and Success: A Model of Creative Style, joint with Caterina Mauri (SDU), work in progress

    Copyright and Originality in Classical Music, joint with Caterina Mauri (SDU) and Alexander Cuntz (WIPO), work in progress

    Networks of Music Composers, joint with Maria Marchenko (WU Vienna) and Nicholas Ford (Lund), work in progress

    Cultural Policy and Media Impact

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